Hioki 3169-21 Clamp-On Power Logger with 4x 500A CTs

Power Usage and Quality Measurements Made Easy

Power Demand and Power Quality Loggers are very effective tools that enable you to:
• Discover where and when power is being used
• Uncover poor power quality that will cause equipment to fail
• Reveal spare capacity available in switchboards and cabling
• Allocate operating expenses

TechRentals has a full range of Power Demand and Power Quality recorders, along with the technical advice to solve any problem. Whether it's one logger or 50, we can supply equipment immediately from our inventory and pre-program based on your specific requirements. We can also download the recorded results to a USB flash drive within 24 hours of return for reporting and analysis.

This image shows an example of the typical recorded results you can obtain from one of the Power Loggers in our inventory – the Hioki 3169-21 Clamp-On Power Logger. (View as pdf)

Hioki 3169-21 Clamp on Power Logger

The Hioki 3169-21 Power Logger is a highly functional and safe power meter packed into a compact handheld clamp-on unit.

The 3169-21 can simultaneously perform demand measurements required for power management and energy-saving measures, as well as harmonic measurements. This unit will test voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, integrated value, frequency, and harmonics, measuring voltages between 150 to 600 V in 3 ranges.

The Hioki 3169-21 is supplied with useful power measurement support software that provides quick and easy transfer of data from the unit to a PC, for simple graphical processing and analysis.

Features include:
• Measure up to two 3-phase, 3-wire systems
• Measure up to four single-phase, 2-wire systems
• 5 A to 5000 A range
• PC card data storage
• Simultaneous recording of demand values and harmonics
• Detect incorrect connection using vector diagrams

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