Dranetz-BMI Power Guide 4400

This is a precision instrument with the advantage of being able to measure dc and ac voltage. The supplied clamps only measure ac, so if you need to do ac/dc measurements you should include the Hioki 3285 Clamps.


 Phase Colour  Instrument Colour  Signal  Name
 Red  Red  Phase  A
 White  Yellow  Phase  B
 Blue  Blue  Phase  C
 Grey  Grey  Neutral  D

Getting Going

Delta Wiring

Triggering Notes
One of the traps some people fall into is the logging of a large number of triggered events which means that the meter takes many minutes to ‘write data to card’. In extreme (i.e. triggering on nearly every cycle) cases the meter can lock-up. When data transfer is complete the home page text line ‘Monitoring Status’ says ‘Done’ and this is when the card can be removed without loss of data. For applications where triggered events are NOT required e.g. steady state voltage, power, energy, harmonics, etc. investigations, the Setup Wizard step ‘Choose Monitoring Mode’ it is best to select ‘Long Term Timed recording’ as all triggered events are disabled.

If triggered events are required then great care must be taken with the setup starting with setting the nominal values (voltage, frequency, and perhaps current if current triggering is to be used) in the Setup Wizard step ‘Nominal Values’. Monitoring Mode would be Standard PQ and the settings in Wizard ‘Advanced Options’ tabs for ‘Transients’ and ‘RMS Variations’ must be carefully thought about.

Once monitoring is active the home page text line ‘Cycles saved’ MUST be observed to ensure that the number of cycles being stored (based on the number of triggered events logged) is NOT rapidly increasing. If the ‘Cycles saved’ is increasing at a greater rate than expected, STOP monitoring, review the stored events and adjust the trigger limits accordingly. Restart and repeat.

Of course this will not prevent something happening later but at least the start is OK.

In situations where access to the meter is not possible once the equipment is operational, the RS232 or Ethernet remote comms options that you have can be of assistance.

Additional Resources

User Manual (pdf)