Algodue UPM6100 - Power Quality Portable Analyser

Measuring power consumption in a remote area power supply
Measuring the current consumption and operation of a remote power supply generally requires the logging of dc current. The Algodue UPM6100 is an appropriate instrument for this task. It will measure up to 20 A dc without CTs and consequently when used in the 'non CT mode' it operates with high precision.

Monitoring dc power consumption
The Algodue UPM6100 is an ideal instrument to monitor dc power and current. This instrument can measure currents up to 20 A directly, or using the UNI,P75-3C up to 7,500 A!

Standby Power Consumption Three Phase
A customer needed to measure the standby power of a piece of three phase equipment. The Algodue UPM6100 was the appropriate solution for the job. It has a direct measurement of current capability via an in-built shunt. This means it can measure very low currents accurately, without the usual errors caused by the use of shunts. Although this piece of equipment uses an RS232 port for communications, moving data to a PC is simple if you use the removable flash card. Data can be saved to the flash card either in binary format (in which case you load the supplied applications software) or in CSV format so data can be directly loaded into an EXCEL spreadsheet.