Phenix BK130 130kVAC Hipot Aerial Lift Test Set

The Phenix Technologies BK130 includes:
• Digital instrumentation for improved accuracy
• An internal voltage divider
• A lightweight rugged design
• An accessory package

The accessory package includes:
• An insulating pad
• A copy of the latest standard
• All accessories needed to get you started testing

This unit is designed specifically for ac dielectric testing in accordance with the latest and upcoming ANSI A92.2 draft standards. The BK 130 is a powerful unit with output current sufficient to test the elevating boom as well as the insulated work platform and linings. Designed for full portability, this test set is mounted on a rugged two-wheel cart and consists of:
• High voltage transformer
• Control Unit
• Interconnect cables

When testing, the high voltage transformer is removed from the cart and placed close to the test object. The cart with the control box can then be moved away from the test area for the operator's safety.

Keep in mind the Aerial Lift Test Set is by no means limited to bucket truck testing. The unit is fully capable of testing any other electrical device requiring high voltage ac.