Megger OTS60PB 60 kV Portable Oil Test Set

• Weighs only 42 pounds
• Internal rechargeable battery
• Pre-programmed national specifications
• Safety interlock on test chamber door
• RS-232 output for optional printer kit

The Megger OTS 60PB Portable Oil Test Set is a fully automatic oil test set that reduces the operator's tasks of preparing and loading the oil sample into the test chamber and initiating the required test sequence.

On completion, the mean breakdown value of tests in the sequence is given and the value for each individual test may be recalled. Standard deviation calculations are automatically carried out and displayed when specified by the test standard.

Maximum test voltage for the test set is 60 kV. The test set is microprocessor controlled. Test sequences for many national and international standards are programmed into the test set memory.

The parameters programmed into the test set include:
• Stand times
• Stir times
• Rate-of-rise of applied voltage
• Number of tests

A five-minute test sequence is available for rapid assessment of the condition of the oil sample.

Additional Resources

Data Sheet (pdf)
User Guide(pdf)