Vivax vLocPro Pipe and Cable Location System

Overview of Vivax VLOCPRO Pipe and Cable Location System

The Vivax VLOCPRO is a highly accurate Pipe & Cable locator system. It works well in both congested and noisy areas. It has a light carbon fibre antenna and is configured with 6 location frequencies.

The VLOCPRO is intended for use by field technicians to locate and trace the position of buried utility pipes and cables.

It’s a completely new system for pipe and cable location.

Designed by engineers experienced in the field of location, along with incorporating ideas and feedback from customers, the product addresses many of the shortcomings of locators.

The VLOCPRO includes an in-built compass, which constantly displays the route to the location street and considerably facilitates locating. The user interface was also redesigned and the system was extended with new accessories.

1x User Guide
1x Vivax Transmitter (serial171060600886
1x Vivax Receiver (serial-070060601484
1x Vclamp
1x Extension Ground Wire
1x Direct Connection Lead
1x Ground Stake
1x USB Cable
1x Smart Charger
1x Power Cord
1x Padded Carry Bag

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