Kurz 2443 Air Velocity Meter

This unit measures in standardised meters per second. That means to do a comparison between a standard anemometer and this instrument you need to use the gas law equation and adjust the velocity from standard to actual air flow i.e.

Pressure_actual Volume_actual / Temperature_actual = Pressure_standard Volume_standard / Temperature_standard

The standardised temperature and pressure for this instrument are 25°C 760 mmHg

Therefore if we are making the measurement at 24.4°C and 75 mmHg the correction factor will need to be:

(Volume_actual is proportional to Velocity_actual because the cross sectional area is a constant)

Velocity_actual = Velocity_standard (Pressure_standard/Pressure_actual) (Temperature_actual_K/Temperature_standard_K)

For the above example... this is Velocity_actual = Velocity_standard (760/750) ((24.4 + 273.15)/(25 + 273.15)) = 1.01

Need to measure the air speed in a hot air exhaust?

The Kurz Model 2443 Portable Air Velocity Meter uses the Metal-Clad "MC" thermal sensor. This thermal conductivity probe is designed to be used in industrial ventilation and process applications in which a small, rugged sensor is required. Most applications are for velocity traverse in small to moderately sized pipes and ducts. The body of the probe is 3/8" (~9.5 mm) diameter stainless steel, 13" (~330 mm) long with a probe shield which can be reversed to be used as a probe extender in free or duct applications. The probe is provided with a standard 3/8” Swagelok® fitting and nylon ferrules which offer an adjustable, removable seal to approximately 10 bar. The union converts to 3/8” NPT, which allows "cold" insertion into pipes with minimum disruption using commonly available tools. After measurements have been made, the hole in the pipe may be sealed using a simple NPT plug. The probe may be used in pipes as small as 2" (50 mm) ID. The Model 2443 is highly portable, with a convenient rechargeable flow computer offering a range of readout units for velocity flow, volume flow, totalised flow and temperature. The flow computer also allows internal and external logging, with a readout (I/O) adaptor offering RS232 or RS485 communications and 4-20mA outputs. The Model 2443 is calibrated and primarily designed for air flow measurements, but may be used for other gases if the thermal conductivity correlation is known.