High Temperature Measurements with the 38DL PLUS, 37DL PLUS, MG2XT and MG2DL

1) When using a 38DL PLUS, 37DL PLUS or the MG2XTand MG2DL with waveform adjust gain (Add Gain 5- 6 dB) and adjust range so that back wall echo will be on screen. If using the MG2XTand MG2DL without the waveform option then set the gain to high.
2) Put gage in Fast update mode
• 38DL PLUS [SETUP MENU] then in [MEAS] menu set Measure rate to Max (30 Hz)
• 37DL PLUS use [2nd F], [4] (20 Reading/Sec)
• MG2XTand MG2DL use [2nd F], [Down Arrow], Then [Down Arrow] to highlight MEASURE RATE. Use [Right or Left Arrow] to select FAST (20 Reading/Sec)
3) Apply proper Couplant to transducer tip. Note Olympus has performed an exhaustive search of all the high temperature couplants available and found that E-2 is by far the best.
• F-2 Medium Temp. Below 260°C (500°F)
• E-2 High Temp For 260 - 500°C (500 - 1000°F)
4) Couple transducer, limit transducer contact time to 5 sec. If you do not have a valid thickness reading uncouple and apply more couplant and try again.
5) Press Freeze when you have valid Waveform/Thickness to freeze screen. (Note on 38DL PLUS the gain can be adjusted when the waveform is frozen).
6) Press the [save]/[2ndF],[Save] to save reading/reading with waveform or press [Freeze] again to unfreeze the waveform display.
7) Periodically wipe the couplant off the transducer tip and Press [Zero] or [2nd F], [CAL ZERO](38DL PLUS, MG2XTand MG2DL) to compensate for any thermal transducer drift In the transducer.
8) Never let the transducer get too hot to touch. If it starts to get to hot let it cool in air or dip the face of the transducer in water. Then Re-zero by pressing the [Zero] key or [2nd F],[CAL ZERO](38DL PLUS, MG2XT and MG2DL).
Transducer Temperature rating: (With intermittent contact)
D790, D791- [9320°F (5000°C)]
D792, D792, D793, D794, D795, D7906 MTD705 - [1220°F (500°C)]
D797 - [7520°F (4000°C)]
D798, D7226 - [3000°F (1500°C)]
D799 - [3000°F (1500°C)]