Vehicle Fleet Efficiency Management

Written by Graeme Murphy – Product Manager TechRentals September 2012

While vehicle location is often used in efficiency management knowing the time spent idle may be useful, particularly with vehicles that are operating continuously. Mine site vehicles would be one example where it may be possible to change the route and other operational details to reduce idle time.

The method uses a dataTaker CANGate. This device captures the real-time data available on CAN and GPS networks and transmits it to a dataTaker datalogger. Use is made of the vehicle J1939 diagnostic connector.

A suitable logger is the dataTaker DT80M. The system was configured such that an engine idle speed of between 600 and 800rpm may be considered to be idle. The time the engine spent at this idle speed is logged together with the GPS location where the vehicle is idling. Using the remote capability of the DT80M the daily histogram of the idle times may be emailed for production planning efficiency.

If further detail is needed this can include the latitude and longitude of the idle locations which could then be plotted using Google Earth. This plot will clearly show where these idle times have occurred.

This system is simple to install as it only requires a connection to the vehicle diagnostic port and placing the GPS connected to it in a position where it has a clear view of the sky. It’s an inexpensive way to log what expensive capital equipment is actually doing. This system can be used with any vehicle with a J1939 diagnostic port.

A listing of truck manufacturers using J1939 may be found here.

TechRentals has developed support resources for this and other data logging applications which are readily available to their rental, rental/purchase or equipment sale customers.