Instrument Rental Often Comes with Problem Solving Advice

While many of our customers rent test equipment with the intended application being quite run of the mill there are others who need to solve a problem that is not so familiar.
A recent example was the investigation on the efficiency of an air-conditioning system with a view to determining whether upgrading was required. The customer engaged an air-conditioning engineer who contacted TechRentals to supply the measurement equipment.
The measurements to be made and recorded included five temperature channels, one of pressure via a 4-20mA transducer, and six AC current channels. This combination of measurements is unusual and not generally realised with a single instrument. The solution chosen in this instance was to record the data with a Hioki 8841 Waveform Recorder which accepts thermocouples, 4-20mA signals, and also DC voltages. The AC current channels required transducers and in this case the Hioki 3284 true RMS clamp on current transducer was a convenient solution.
A data logger would have been an alternative solution with the advantage of remote communications and long term trend analysis. The DataTaker DT80 logger sampling at 1Hz would have met the need again requiring clamp on current transducers.
In this case the memory recorder proved of great value in showing a significant power factor error with the AC waveforms having a very high harmonic content. Resolving this problem proved more urgent. The customer had been using an average sensing general purpose AC meter and the true RMS measurements of the rental instruments were significantly different (and accurate). Renting higher performance test equipment can reveal hidden issues.
TechRentals offers a range of test and measurement instruments for electrical and air conditioning applications or periods as short as one day to a year or more. Rental purchase plans are also available.