Remote GSM Messaging Of Alarm Status and Its Application to Environmental and Industrial Monitoring

Written by Graeme Murphy – Product Manager TechRentals and Paul Brooker – Consultant, TechRentals July 2012

There are a number of industrial and environmental monitoring applications that can be enhanced and simplified with the use of SMS communication for routine and abnormal status advice. TechRentals is experienced in this area and can provide a monitoring system for hire or sale with this facility included.

A recent application was in the monitoring of building site dust levels. A customer needed to know when dust levels were exceeding acceptable levels so as to schedule damping runs to reduce the dust. The solution to this was a TSI Dusttraker 8530 in a portable enclosure configured to provide a contact closure when defined dust levels were exceeded.

This contact closure consequently triggered an ETM9900 module which would transmit an SMS message to the required mobile phone. A simple and effective solution with significant cost savings but with a demonstrated commitment to environmental protection.