Brisbane Airport Link

The Brisbane Airport Link construction project demonstrates the value of instrumentation hire in improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Written by Gerard Pearson – General Manager TechRentals August 2012

During this project a major construction company relied on TechRentals for their instrumentation requirements for many aspects of the work. These included water flow, environmental control, and validation of the radio communications systems to be used in the tunnel’s daily operations.

Ultrasonic flow metering systems provided by TechRentals were a very convenient and flexible way of providing non-invasive measurement of the high volume water flow rates encountered. The Parametric PT878 ultrasonic flowmeter proved effective in this application.

During construction work it is quite common to need dust abatement procedures; TechRentals again was able to provide dust monitoring systems with strategically placed instruments. Effective dust abatement techniques could then be implemented before unacceptable levels were reached and work was disrupted. The portability and flexibility of setting these devices made it a simple task for the operators.

Communications is an essential part of the tunnel infrastructure and here again TechRentals provided a solution to testing of radio broadcast and where needed re-transmission. The Antrisu MS2711D spectrum analyser was used in cellular telephone walk and drive tests to determine coverage and base station positioning and to conduct VHF/UHF signal surveys.

TechRentals offered the flexibility of having a “standing” order number which meant the engineers, and technicians were able to have the instruments delivered the same day by making one simple phone call. Local stock of the anticipated equipment needs was maintained with consultation with the construction contractor.