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SI PC6 20 bar NATA Pressure Calibrator & Pump

Basic accuracy 0.025%. Range output pressure to 20Bar, output vacuum to -1 bar. NATA certified Instrument. Measures voltage 0 to 100mV (1uV resolution), 0 to 5V (0.1mV resolution) & 0 to 50V (1mV resolution) and current 0 to 50mA (1uA resolution) all at 0.025% accuracy. Sources 0 to 10V (0.2mV resolution) & 0 to 50mA (1uA resolution) also at 0.025% accuracy. Voltage output regulated 10V +/-0.1% current 30mA and unregulated supply 24V +/-10% current 50mA. Pressure switch status. Battery operation 10h or mains operation via charger.

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