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Megger Torkel 950 battery discharge tester & BVM300 logge...

Battery discharge load unit. Works with 7.5V to 500V battery systems and can discharge at up to 220A (15kW maximum power). It can be programmed for constant current, constant power, constant resistance or user defined load profiles. The kit includes a 200ADC current clamp allows on-load testing. Tests are controlled by a built in PC and results can be copied to a USB memory stick. The kit also includes a BVM300 which is a 0~5VDC and 0~20VDC 1mv resolution .1% accuracy daisy chained 31 channel voltage datalogger. This integrates with the Torkel controller to give cell by cell voltage measurement. This means if the battery string fails a load test the individual battery thqat is the culprit can be easily identified. These two instruments combineed together meet the test standards IEEE450, IEC896-1, IEEE 1188-1996 & IEC896-2.

Instructional video for the Megger Torkel 950 battery discharge tester & BVM300 logge...
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