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Wohler VIS340 Service Camera Visual inspection System 30m

Compact colour video inspection system with 26mm forward facing camera head waterproof according to IP68 (up to 3 bar-30m depth) and a 40mm Pan Tilt colour camera, waterproof according to IP67 (up to 1m) with a viewing angle of 120 degrees. Bright white LEDs on 30m of flexible push rod with metric markings. Battery powered 7" high resolution colour screen with removable monitor and SD video recording. Applications incl damage analysis in water / drainage / sewer pipes, inspection of hollow spaces, ventilation, machines, control panels, exhaust systems and production surveillance.

Instructional video for the Wohler VIS340 Service Camera Visual inspection System 30m
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Equivalent product names for Pipeline & Cavity Inspection - directional power meter, power sensor, in-line power meter, power reflection meter