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With bad air quality causing health problems for workers, community complaints, and the closure of sites, the Aeroqual Dust Sentry Pro is the perfect solution! The outdoor monitoring system allows you to monitor dust in a simple and effective way, mitigating various risks that can cause large financial implications. It can also provide real-time alerts for external threats from poor air quality such as bushfire smoke with the Aeroqual Cloud software, allowing you to always monitor your network! Contact our friendly team at TechRentals today, to find the easiest to deploy and cost-effective dust monitoring solution!

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Easy Deployment

Just 2 people are required to do a simple mains power installation in under 5 minutes! For secured long term deployment using battery -solar system and a tripod, it can be done in under 30 minutes! We include brackets to mount it to a pole, wall, or survey tripod and a standard IP65 mains lead. We can also supply a rugged Solar Battery solution for remote locations.

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The Dust Sentry Simultaneously measures PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and TSP. and is designed for environments like construction sites. It has a rugged IP65 outdoor enclosure with sunshield and is rated for -10°C to +50°C. You can plug in a weather station to add wind speed and direction so you can see where dust is coming from. Mains or Battery/Solar powered.

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Easy access to data

Every rental includes access to Aeroqual Cloud. We will send you an email with login details and assign the dust monitors to your project. Here you will see data from all your units together. Data is sent to the cloud every minute as well as being securely stored in the unit. The Aeroqual cloud is also where you can setup alerts. So power is the only thing you will ever need to connect to a Dust Sentry!

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Why Rent with TechRentals?

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Technical Support

Our Technical Support starts before you get the unit. The equipment is fully assembled, tested, ready to go with all needed accessories! Our product specialists are available to answer questions you have before the rental. We provide a range of materials, including video tutorials and expert telephone assistance. So, when you get to site, you know what you need to do.

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Simple Maintenance

The Aeroqual Dust Sentry Pro is low maintenance, with changing filters after 3 months being the only requirement. Each asset comes with accessories so you can check flow rate, check for leaks, and do a zero check. These are easy to perform and well documented. We perform all the major maintenance, such as calibration and pump replacements.

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Save Time – Avoid Downtime

We have an extensive fleet of dust monitors, so there is no need for downtime due to major maintenance, we just send you a replacement unit! Using the locations feature in Aeroqual Cloud, the monitors can be swapped over without big gaps in the data.

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Scope the project

We want to talk to you about your project and discuss deployment options, the number of sites, locations, start date and duration. We will also ask about other monitoring requirements, such as weather, noise, and vibration. If you have a large, long term or complex project we may involve one of our BDMs who are specialists in this area.

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Quote and rental

Once you are happy with our proposed solution, we will provide you with a customised quote. You can start on a short-term rental contract which gives you flexibility and a daily rate, making it easy to budget. For larger jobs take advantage of our long-term rental rates which frees your business from the burden of managing assets and avoid hidden costs. Send us a signed rental quote along with a PO or phone us with Credit Card details to confirm your rent.

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Delivery or Pickup

We can arrange delivery to your site or office. If you don’t have a site office established, you can pick up from one of our 8 offices across Australia. The Dust Sentry Pro weighs less than 15kg, so is easy to install on site. Shipped fully assembled in its custom case it weighs 42kg, so 2-person lifting is recommended. We can give you all the weights and dimension of the equipment you are renting so you can safely plan handling and transport.

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