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Transform Your Scanning Capabilities with the Advanced Features of Leica BLK360 and RTC360

At TechRentals, we understand the importance of high-resolution laser scanners in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. That’s why we offer the latest and most advanced scanning technology, including the Leica BLK360 and RTC360 laser scanners. These state-of-the-art scanners deliver unparalleled accuracy and precision, allowing you to capture and process data quickly and efficiently. With their advanced features, such as automatic cloud registration and image capture, you can streamline your workflows, reduce errors, and achieve better project outcomes. By renting the Leica BLK360 and RTC360 from TechRentals, you’ll enjoy the benefits of cost-effective and flexible solutions, expert support, and the latest in 3D scanning technology.

Why Choose TechRentals?


Renting the Leica BLK360 and RTC360 from TechRentals is a cost-effective solution for professionals because it eliminates the need for you to invest in expensive equipment and technology, which may be used only occasionally. Instead, you can rent the advanced scanners at affordable rates and use them as required for your projects.



At TechRentals, we provide professionals with a flexible approach to accessing cutting-edge technology by offering both short and long-term rental options for the Leica BLK360 and RTC360 laser scanners. With this choice, professionals can tailor their equipment needs to match their project requirements, resulting in a significant improvement in the quality of their work.

High-Quality Data

The advanced capabilities of the Leica BLK360 and RTC360 laser scanners make data collection a breeze, enabling professionals to capture even the most intricate details with precision and speed. By streamlining the data collection process, you can devote more time to analysis and decision-making, resulting in superior project outcomes.

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