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Rental Catalogue Help

Finding the Right Product

The online catalogue can be found by selecting the “Rental Products” button on the left panel. You can drill down through several levels until you find an individual product description and image.

Alternatively there are two search engines - Fast Search & Google Site Search - that will find products by manufacturer, part of the model number, key word or phrase.

There is also a comprehensive sitemap and a download link for the current printed catalogue. If you need further help just call 1800 632 652 or email.

Online Quote System

Each product has an "Add to Rental Quote" button associated with it. By clicking this button you can add that item to your 'list'.
You can view the contents of your list at any time by clicking the "View Quotes" link. The View page also allows you to update quantities or remove items altogether.
The “Finish Quote” button will take you to the final Online Quote Request page for review and completion. A TechRentals rental consultant will process your online quote request within 2 hours of receiving it during normal business hours.

Product Application Help

Application assistance is available from TechRentals sales engineers and product managers - just call 1800 632 652 or email. Also visit our knowledge base site for Technical Tips & Videos.

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