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Vivax vCam-5 Pipeline Camera Inspection System 60 meters

Vivax 60 meter pipeline inspection system with self-levelling camera D34 (without camera skid diameter is 34mm, with skid its 44mm). The push rod has a 512Hz/640Hz sonde which can be located by the VM-540 Camera and Sonde Locator supplied. The push rod can also become a Tracer Rod with the connection of a utility locator transmitter (not supplied) to energize the entire rod length. Records video(AVI) and still images direct to HDD, USB or SD card. The vCam-5 has a 4x digital zoom and includes a full text writer with the ability to change font and background colors, internal/external voice-over, built-in rechargeable battery, camera test port, and Wi-Fi interface. Camera submersion depth up to 11 bar/110m.

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