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Topcon HiPerSR Network Rover with Controller

Topcons HiPer SR receiver is a lightweight and completely integrated GNSS receiver (GPS plus Glonass) for real-time cm level accuracy anywhere within a GPS network where there is mobile signal. It is an ultra-lightweight and easy to use network rover. The HiPer SR weighs only 800gm and has an IP67 environmental rating means you can rely on its performance even in the harshest conditions. It is an ultra-lightweight and easy to use network rover for simple or complex surveyin surveying tasks. This 100% integrated receiver operates cable-free, with no antennas, battery doors or connectors to worry about. It connects via Bluetooth to the FC-5000/FC-6000 controller running Magnet Field software.

• Easiest to use and lowest rental rate of any GNSS Rover
• Ideal for a non-surveyor wanting simple site positioning
• Lightweight with carbon fiber pole
• Ideal for simple pick-up and stakeout surveying tasks
• Large 7" map display

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