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SOCOMEC SICON UPS 3kVA OnLine Double Conversion

SOCOMEC SICON MODULYS TW30-BP2K UPS 3000VA provides effective protection of sensitive equipment against disturbances affecting the quality of the electrical network. Secure Power supply, wherever irreplaceable data loss, lost production and electrical down time are serious issues, especially as main power is subject to numerous short and long disturbances. SOCOMEC SICON MODULYS TW30-BP2K UPS 3000VA Tower is On-Line Double Conversion (Pure Sine Wave) UPS. This model is suitable for mainly Business Server, Internet / Intranet Server, Critical Applications, Domestic and Industrial Automation, Networking and ISP/ASP Application etc., The following advantages are present in the model:- On-Line Double conversion technology, High stability of output voltage and frequency, High input power factor, Automatic battery test, Optional battery pack expansion, Minimal desktop space and easy to install, RS232 and USB communication interface, High efficiency, Automatic by-pass, 4 output sockets and Slot for insertion of SNMP/WEB Manager or relay card. And the unit comes with Net Vision SNMP/WEB Interface Card.

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