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This MicroPurge Kit allows you to reliably conduct industry standard low flow groundwater sampling to a depth of 60m. The Solinst Tagline is easier to clean and safer to handle than bare wire hangers. The laser etched markings every 5cm cable allows you to accurately position the pump at the correct depth.

The kit includes:
• QED MicroPurge MP10 controller with gas hoses
• QED Sample Pro Bladder Pump, with push fit fittings
• Solinst 100m Tagline
• Air Compressor or CO2 Regulator and Cylinder

Consumables available including Sample Pro Replaceable Bladders, Bonded LDPE Twin-Tubing, HDPE Tubing for PFAS sampling and CO2 cylinders. Add an In-Situ AquaTROLL WQM and a Solinst Interface meter for the full low flow sampling solution.

Instructional video for the QED Micropurge Kit - 60m
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