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Megger (Programma) Sverker 900E Relay Test Set

Pay $73 a Day on a 12 Month Rental Term.
Price excludes Damage Waiver and GST.

The Sverker 900E is specifically designed for basic, manual three-phase secondary testing of protection devices like those found in electrical distribution substations, renewable power generation stations, and various industrial applications.

Additionally, various primary tests can be performed as the current and voltage sources can be series and/or parallel connected as well as individually adjusted with respect to amplitude, phase angle, and frequency.

Applications include::
• Commissioning and maintenance of distributed and generator power substations
• Protection relays including electromechanical, static, and numerical
• Checking SCADA annunciation and measurement values
• Primary injection in switchgear (single and three phase)
• Plotting current transformer excitation curves
• Current and voltage transformer ratio tests
• Burden measurements for CT circuits
• Polarity (direction tests)
• Impedance measurements
• Wiring checks

• Stand-alone functionality
• Three current and four voltage sources
• Generation of 900 V and 105 A in single phase mode
• Secondary and primary testing

Instructional video for the Megger (Programma) Sverker 900E Relay Test Set
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