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Intrinsically safe moisture analyser for compressed air systems, non-corrosive gases & hydrocarbons such as natural gas (IS certification to ATEX and CSA). Displays dew point, moisture concentration, pressure & temperature. Dew point calibrated measurement range -80~20 degC with data to -110 degC. Pressure range 7~69bar limited by sensor, gauge and safety-valve (operating range from 5?Hg). Temperature range -30~70?C. Gas flow operating range from static to 10,000cm/s velocity. Supplied with compact sample system with gauge, safety-valve, sampling valves and fittings (1/4" Swagelok). Data logging of up to 100K moisture points, with infrared port and software for download. Battery powered only (15-24h operation) with second battery and charger (note charger is not IS).

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