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OMICRON CMC 356 Advanced Protection Relay Test Set +61850

Protection relay test set with six current sources (6 x 32A/430VA, 3 x 64A/860VA or 1 x 128A/1000VA), four voltage outputs (4 x 300V or 1 x 600V), 4 x binary outputs, 10 x multifunctional binary inputs (dry/wet) and Generator Combination Cable for wiring convenience. The six current and four voltage output channels are continuously and independently adjustable in amplitude, phase and frequency. All outputs overload and short-circuit proof. Includes IEC61850 software package (GOOSE, Sampled Values, IEDScout, SVScout). ELT-1 and LLO-2 options not included. Laptop included, preloaded with Test Universe software (Advanced Protection + Transducer) and IEC61850 package. Optional accessories: OMI,CMA156-6PCA OMI,C-PROBE1 OMI,CMGPS

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