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Olympus IPLEX RT 7.5m Portable Industrial Videoscope

Pay $106 a Day on a 12 Month Rental Term.
Price excludes Damage Waiver and GST.

The Olympus IPLEX RT is designed for the visual inspection of heat exchangers, turbines, gearboxes, automotive parts, aircraft, and other industrial machinery. This lightweight videoscope comes with a 7.5 m long, 6 mm diameter tungsten braided insertion tube. The insertion tube will withstand high temperatures, with 100°C articulation and a 120°C field of view.

The IPLEX RT handles bright and sharp still images as well as high quality movies, which can all be downloaded via USB. Navigating through the functions of the unit is simple with the InHelp™ Inspection Assist Software and on-board instruction manuals.

• Insertion tube temperature resistant up to 100°C
• 6.5" LCD monitor
• Compliant to MIL-STD-810F/G, MIL-STD-461F, and IP55
• Weighs just 2.9 kg

For more information please contact us today 1800 632 652

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