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Olympus IPLEX NX 3.5m x 4mm Portable Industrial Videoscope

Olympus IPLEX NX 3.5 meter x 4mm, battery powered videoscope. Features Stereo Measurement option and 3D modeling enabling inspection from multiple angles. Combines high resolution still and MPEG-4 images, intuitive 8.4" touch screen interface and ergonomic design for longer inspections. Equipped with a bright laser diode light source, four times brighter than a conventional videoscope which allows for a larger field of view, unprecedented imaging and colour reproduction. Tapered Flex insertion tube combines superb maneuverability and flexibility for smooth scope insertion. Ghost Image enables inspectors to compare live images with images stored on the videoscope to contrast past and present conditions.

Instructional video for the Olympus IPLEX NX 3.5m x 4mm Portable Industrial Videoscope
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