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Narda RadMan 2XT ICNIRP 1998 / Occupational

Narda Radman 2XT (2281/101) personal occupational limit monitor and leakage detector for monitoring RF signals in mobile, telecom, broadcast and industrial applications.

Easy to use:
5G Ready
• Mounting adaptor for harnesses with safety lanyard
• Integrated automatic sensor test
• Highly visible alarm LEDs, loud buzzer plus vibration alarm
• 800 hours of operation on a single charge

• Wide frequency monitoring up to 60 GHz
• ICNIRP compliant for frequencies 900 kHz to 60 GHz
• ICNIRP 2020 compliant for frequencies above 27 MHz
• Detection of short pulsed signals
• Data logger for permanent recording

Instructional video for the Narda RadMan 2XT ICNIRP 1998 / Occupational
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