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Narda NBM-550 E Field Strength Meter and Probe EF1891

Pay $49 a Day on a 12 Month Rental Term.
Price excludes Damage Waiver and GST.

The Narda NBM-550 Broadband Field Meter measures the field strength of non-ionising radiation from various transmission facilities. This includes mobile phone and broadcast towers, to determine radiation exposure to nearby workers and the general public.

The Narda NBM-550 can be used to make precise measurements to establish human safety, particularly in workplace environments where high electric field strengths are likely to occur.

It also includes a non-directional isotropic probe for applications in the frequency range 3 MHz to 18 GHz, with a probe interface that automatically detects probe parameters for simple operation.

• Large graphical display
• GPS interface with automatic storage of position and measurement data
• Built-in memory stores up to 5000 measurement results
• Audible warning with programmable alarm threshold

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