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Megger MIT1025 10 kV DC Insulation Resistance Tester

Pay $18 a Day on a 12 Month Rental Term.
Price excludes Damage Waiver and GST.

The Megger MIT1025 is a 10 kV Insulation Resistance Tester (IRT) capable of resistance measurements up to 20 Tohm. Testing options include Polarisation Index (PI), Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR), Dielectric Discharge (DD), Stepped Voltage (SV) and ramp test. The unit has a CATIV 600 V safety rating and dedicated voltmeter function (30 V to 660 V).
The MIT1025 IRT also features a rapid charge Li-ion battery with the ability to take measurements on a flat battery when connected to mains power.

• Noise filter - rejects up to 3 mA noise
• Advanced memory includes time/date stamping of results
• High altitude operation up to 3000 m
• PowerDB Lite software for download of test data to PC

Instructional video for the Megger MIT1025 10 kV DC Insulation Resistance Tester
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Equivalent product names for Insulation Testers & Meggers to 20kV - Contents being updated..