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Hioki 3285 AC/DC Clamp-on Meter with Analog Output

Ranges 200A/2kA AC/DC. Measure volts, ranges 30V, 300V & 600V AC/DC. Frequency ranges 10Hz, 100Hz & 1kHz. Display LCD, counts max 2,500 current, 3,750 voltage and 1,250 frequency. Output voltage 1V for 2,000 count fs for each current range, can select Rec RMS output, response time about 250ms rise time, fall about 500ms. Waveform output. 1V is produced for 1,000 count on full scale frequency range. Output not available for voltage measurements. Supplied with signal output cord, 4mm to BNC convertor, carry case and AC adaptor. Powered with internal 9V battery or AC adaptor. (AC adaptor not supplied).

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