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Hioki PW3198 PQA w 3x1000A,1x200A AC/DC, 4x5000A Flex CTs

Pay $26 a Day on a 12 Month Rental Term.
Price excludes Damage Waiver and GST.

The Hioki PW3198 Power Quality Analyser can record voltage, current, pf, f (Hz), kVA, kVAr, kW, harmonics (THD and individual to 50th order), flicker (IEC6100-4-15), and inrush current. Transient overvoltage can also be measured up to 6 kV peak at 2 M samples per second.
This unit meets the CAT IV safety standard and international standard IEC 61000-4-30 Edition 2 Class A. It is supplied with analysis software (Hioki 9624 PQA-HiVIEW) for reporting, compliance, and record management.

• Four isolated voltage channels rated CAT IV/600V RMS ac or dc
• 2 GB memory
• Total energy, tariffs, max demands, transient, and sub-cycle disturbances
• Includes 3x fixed 1000A ac CT, 4x flexible 500A/5000A CT, and 1x 200A ac/dc CT

Instructional video for the Hioki PW3198 PQA w 3x1000A,1x200A AC/DC, 4x5000A Flex CTs
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