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The Hilti PS 200 Ferroscan System is a portable, quick, and easy-to-use instrument for detecting rebar and other ferrous objects in concrete structures. The PS 200 provides an accurate on-site rebar location, depth, and diameter using its PS 200M monitor. 2D scans shown on the monitor provide the user with a detailed layout of underlying reinforcement. Scans can be evaluated either on the monitor, or transferred to a PC or laptop for further evaluation and report generation. Its wireless operation and integrated LCD display makes setting up the scan easy, whilst the Ferroscan enables fast data download via infrared beam from scanner to monitor.

• Scans large areas quickly
• Performs single scans of up to 30 m in length
• Simple, one person operation
• Professional evaluation and documentation software provided with the instrument

Instructional video for the Hilti PS200 Ferroscan System
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