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Flexim ultrasonic flow meter is a clamp-on transit time gas and liquid flow meter, 2-channel, with Zone 2 Ex-certification for use in hazardous areas. Supplied with three transducer pairs and a pipe wall thickness gauge; includes an integral data-logger with more than 100,000 measured values, easy-to-use software for trending the data and an integral Lithium-ion rechargeable battery with AC adapter. The GLK transducers are suitable for 4 to 9mm wall thickness, the GLM 2 to 5mm and the GSM 2.5mm and greater. Utilises either Shear wave (standard) transducers, or Lamb wave (specialist gas) transducers. The Lamb wave transducers resonate the pipe wall to amplify the signal strength, thereby allowing it to measure applications at significantly lower pressures than the standard Shear wave transducers.

Instructional video for the Flexim Ultrasonic Liquid & Gas Flow Meter
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