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Beamex MC6 Multifunction Calibrator NATA Certified

NATA certified MC6 provides calibration capability for pressure, temperature, electrical and frequency signals with HART communication and Document Calibrator option included. Performs as a field-entry device (FED) allowing for the recording of non-calibration related maintenance results. Pressure modules included, -1 to 20 bar and 600 bar. DC voltage & current, frequency, and pulse measurement. RTD, thermocouple, and resistance simulation & measurement. Pressure accuracy EXT-600 bar 0.007% FS + 0.01% Rdg, INT-20 bar 0.005% FS + 0.01% Rdg, temperature coefficient ?0.001 % Rdg/degC outside 15 to 35 degC. Please enquire about our other MC6 configurations and pressure rangers.

Instructional video for the Beamex MC6 Multifunction Calibrator NATA Certified
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