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CHK Power logger PowerMonic PM40 Power Quality Analyser

Weatherproof IP65 field unit. Channels: 3 voltage, 63 to 440V (isolated). 4 current 0 to 3,000A (3ph and neutral) RMS. Supplied with 4 flexible 3,000A clamp-on CTs (flexible CT length 600mm and Diameter 190mm). Memory: 15Mb. Inbuilt Graphic 128x64 bits LCD display, 7 rows x 20 characters. Records: V, A, pf, f(Hz), kVA, kVAr, kW, harmonics, Inter harmonics, voltage and current imbalance (THD and individual to 48th ) and Flicker. Total energy, tariffs, maximum demands, and transient and sub-cycle disturbances. Included software provides graphs and summaries to PC. Download files while logging USB interface.

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