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Hioki 8860 8 Channel High Speed Memory Recorder

High speed waveform recorder, 20MS/s sampling rate, 8 analogue channels, 16 logic channels, built in printer. within the mainframe. A large 10.4" TFT colour LCD, a very high capacity 512MWord RAM (1GB), this is much greater capacity than currently offered by the HIO,8841 (8Mword or 16MB) or even the HIO,8842 (32Mword or 64MB). Can save data to the large internal capacity 60GB Hard Drive. The data can be directly streamed to this HD or saved post recording from the internal RAM as individual files. Much faster sampling of 20MS/s simultaneous for all 8 analogue channels. The sampling rate can also be controlled by the timing of an external clock signal up to 10MS/s. As well as the 60GB HD, data can be saved to a Compact Flash Card. Data can be directly steamed to this optional CF card (up to 4GB) but with some limitations. Standard interfaces are- USB1.1, LAN RJ-45 connector, Ethernet 100Base-TX, monitor output 15 pin D sub connector, SVGA output, also has PS/2 socket for mouse and keyboard. Built in 200mm wide thermal printer fitted as standard. Typical memory recording duration at 5us/DIV or sampling period 50ns, 1 channel used is 25 seconds, at 10s/DIV sampling period of 100ms, 1 channel used is 578 days 16h 53s.

Instructional video for the Hioki 8860 8 Channel High Speed Memory Recorder
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