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Client Testimonials

  • Schneider Electric

    "I have been using TechRentals for the past 17 years in a variety of circumstances and industries.

    During this time I have never had an issue with the quality and timeliness of the Service or the real assets of the organisation, the TechRentals staff. The staff have continuously shown me and the organisations I have worked for how to get value from their equipment. Whether it’s maintaining compliance or a better way to add value to my own client’s requirements this advice is always welcome and helpful.

    Recently we had a need to get a short term loan of an expensive piece of equipment to cover the original unit being sent away for calibration. During a discussion with the senior consultant Thomas Simpson from TechRentals it became evident that we were financially better off by almost an order of magnitude if we took the instrument on as a long term lease. Not only has this allowed us to trim some excess of our bottom line it has also allowed us to use the latest technology thus improving the experience for our clients.

    Thank you to all the staff at TechRentals who have assisted me over the years especially the staff at our local branch in Darwin."
    Adam Capper, NT Service Manager - Schneider Electric

  • Lightsource Services

    "A year ago Lightsource Services were required to replace all our fusion splicers and OTDR equipment as they were approaching end-of-life. We were faced with a potential capital investment of around $270,000 and, as most banks did not understand the value of such assets, we found it impossible to find lease finance for such a purchase.

    We met with TechRentals and they were able to present us with a commercial deal over three years that was less than the cost of ownership.

    They supplied us with 8 latest model brand new fusion splicing machines and 6 OTDRs with all the usual accessories such as fibre cleavers, hot strippers and test launch leads. The monthly rental deal included full maintenance replacement of any failed item plus annual calibration with spare machines available while ours were being repaired and/or recalibrated.

    We have found their customer services and technical support very helpful."
    Martin Wall, Managing Director - Lightsource Services Pty Ltd

  • Nilsen (NT)

    "I have been working together with TechRentals, particularly Thomas for a numbers of years. Tom has mainly supplied us with Communication test gear, such as the Fluke DSX5000 (recently upgraded from JDSU4000) and 2 x Fusion Spicers.

    TechRentals has also supported visiting HV Techs from my SA branch with short term hires for some of the specialist equipment required, much of it with very little notice.

    TechRentals has always responded to whatever requirements Nilsen NT has needed and Tom constantly keeps our NT team informed of emerging technologies to make sure we are making balanced decisions and selecting the most cost effective solution to meet our needs.

    This relationship and trust which has built up between TechRentals and Nilsen NT in the last few years are going to be critical for Nilsen NT, as we are now moving into the maintenance field to align our business model with the other states who already have these business units running for a number of years."
    Mark Eaves, General Manager - Nilsen (NT)

  • Combined Electrical

    "Combined Electrical have been operating in the Northern Territory for over 25 years and during this time have established strong relationships with many territory suppliers.

    As time has passed our company has grown and with it a broader range of services across commercial, industrial and local domestic clientele.

    Testing applications form an important aspect of the company’s day to day undertakings and finding the correct, up to date and cost effective equipment is a continual challenge.

    Combined Electrical have been working with TechRentals to acquire test equipment solutions and calibration services for several years now and continue to liaise and explore options to further assist and value add to our company’s daily operations.

    To date the service received, and the attention to our needs, has been impressive.

    Understanding the product and providing the right solution and associated cost effective rates across long term rental applications has provided confidence in the relationship and the platform to continue into the future.

    Combined Electrical are currently engaged across long term rental of testing apparatus and are satisfied in the knowledge that TechRentals are proactive in assuring product capability, calibration updates and technical support as part of their ongoing service."
    John Broekhuyse, Senior Project Manager - Combined Electrical