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  • download Anritsu MS2712E 4GHz Spectrum Analyser w Tracking Gen & GPS hire specification
Anritsu MS2712E 4GHz Spectrum Analyser w Tracking Gen & GPS

Anritsu MS2712E portable hand held spectrum analyser 9kHz to 4GHz, DANL -146 dBm in 1Hz RBW, RBW 1Hz to 3MHz. Tracking generator -50dBm to 0dBm in 0.1dB steps and GPS. Applications include, spectrum monitoring, broadcast proofing, RF and microwave measurements, Wi-Fi and wireless network measurements. Store up 2,000 traces and setups on board or on USB flash drive. One-button envelope creation, Trace Save-on-Event feature.
This equipment is also available on Long Term Rental.
Monthly Rate $534.00 Ex GST based on 12 month rental agreement.

Equivalent product names for Spectrum Analysers - High Frequency - microwave spectrum analyzer, spec an, signal analyser

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